Sunday, March 29, 2009

Are We STILL Spreading Old Wives Tales?

When it is raining or cold outside, we make sure our children are securely covered...WHY? You do not want them to "catch a cold." We make sure that they are so wrapped up that most times, especially in the snow, they cannot move or breathe fresh air. We have all seen that child layered up, maybe that child was you or you are doing that to your children now.

My question to you there ANY truth to this? Do you continue to train your children to believe these stories? Why do we say these things, what makes us believe that this is true? Chances are our parents or a loved one told us. It is great to keep warm BUT....

I remember, while taking courses at school towards my Biology degree, my Genetics and Molecular Biology Professor was approached by a student regarding his children while they were playing in the rain uncovered. The student said, "Dr. X, you need to get those children out of the rain before they catch a cold." His response to her was, "You know better than cannot catch a cold that way."

It is true, you CANNOT catch, the common cold from 'bad' weather. The common cold is caused by rhino viruses; there are over 200 of them. For many years and even to this day, there are some debates if a virus is alive or dead, basically it changes genetic information in cells containing DNA and converts the genetic information to reflect what it wants the other cell to replicate and reproduce. Voila,you have genetic information that causes you to sniffle, have a stuffy nose, etc all of the symptoms caused by a cold.

Next question, how do you fight a cold? Many people tend to take a lot of over the counter medicines, in fact, all that does is cover up the symptoms, it does not get rid of the virus. Viruses, have to run their course, eventually, you will be fine. There are some things that are all natural that can speed up the process or prevention methods you can use. Do research...your learning experience will lead you to some fascinating finds.