Sunday, September 13, 2009

Go To School Get a Good Education...

YES...I agree it is great to go to school and get a good education but what is our education system teaching us. Society has told us that when you go to school, get a good education you will get a good job, more money than if you had just a high school education and benefits, with a great retirement plan. THAT is NOT necessarily the case. I did it and made more without a degree. Really think about this...How many people do you know are living pay check to pay check? OR Have to work after retirement? That means there is a lack of education on HOW to handle finances OR more people need to take chances...step outside of the box of the norm. There are many successful people who have not finished college and were successful...Bill Gates, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller Sr., there are more conduct a search.

They all had the desire to make a change, there is a special nudge in our hearts for something more but we confine ourselves to what we have been told time and time again and we suppress it.... Try something new... THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. I am not telling you to drop out of school or anything like that but I am saying DO NOT keep confined to what society says you must do.

Educate yourself, I personally recommend books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Richest Man in Babylon, and Think and Grow Rich. Find your passion and you will find your success!