Thursday, April 1, 2010

High Fructose Corn different from sugar?

I purchased a throwback Pepsi a couple of days ago...WOW! My initial reaction was man this bottle brings back memories look at this, I am going to purchase it. Took the bottle home opened it and looks like the old Pepsi, took a deep breath,smells like it, GULP... AHHHH I savored the flavor...smack smack smack WOW what is that flavor? Sugar! WOW!!! What a difference! What happened to good old sugar in soda, salad dressing, etc? I had to research it. One question, WHY did they change it? I could not believe what I found in peer review articles. Taste and calories were sacrificed for price to manufacture more food products.

I recall viewing a commercial that tried to justify the use of HFCS. If it is good why does one need to justify the use? Okay it is getting a bad wrap but if the FDA cannot call it natural what is it? It is true that it does occur in nature but the process and the way it is implemented in the food needs further research and there is the factor of more empty calories that sugar or honey. Hmmm makes me wonder what other materials are put in foods because its less expensive to mass produce. What are the side effects and HOW MUCH research was conducted prior to use?

Give me good old PURE CANE sugar and bee produced honey any day. There are foods that do not use HFCS be sure to check the labels of the products you purchase.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are You Depriving Your Child...Homeschooling?

Personally I have heard this argument before and I always thought YES! Homeschooling does not enable children to socialize with other children, lack of exercise, you know the run of the mill arguments typically found or stated by those who have NEVER done it or researched it. If you would have told me a long time ago I would be homeschooling I would have said, "NO WAY!" My oldest son asked me to home school after feeling continuously bored. Honestly he was well ahead of his class. He would take tests as if it were a race to see how fast he could finish. By the age of three my son was reading because I took time to teach him; his teachers took advantage of this fact and asked him to help other students during test time.

I was home with our newborn when my oldest asked me to home school. I did not think I would be "qualified" but I realized I taught him from the beginning. Schools have so many students your child just falls into a seat and NEVER really gets a chance to shine. One curriculum for all children NO WAY! ALL children do not learn the same! My children are very sociable. They interact with other children frequently. You want them in sports put them in sports! There are homeschooling groups that have teams, some work in conjunction with other schools or organizations.

Really research. You will be surprised...there are a great many assets to home schooling. The biggest one is that the bond between you and your child will get stronger and they will KNOW you really love and appreciate them because you have taken TIME and made the sacrifice.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Are You Eating a HANDBurger?

You just got off of work and did not have time to make dinner, unfortunately, you do not have any left overs and you REALLY do not feel like cooking…AT ALL!! OR Maybe you just did not FEEL like cooking. Does this scenario sound somewhat familiar?

You start wondering what can you pick up real quick that will enable you to feed the children and keep them happy…well THIS day, you choose a Burger facility. You order your meals and decide to look at the activity in the background and you see the person handling your food…WITHOUT gloves…YUCK! For some this may be the norm…you may not feel anyway about it besides at restaurants the chefs don’t wear gloves…right, no big deal! Fast food restaurants should not just wear hair nets but gloves. Think about this, that person preparing your burger runs to the restroom, to utilize the facilities and low and behold, they MAY wash their hands…they MAY NOT. We are all familiar with those who like to “shake” and “go” well what about those who take a little longer and on the way out they take a good look in the mirror at their face admiring the view and checking out their hair and out the door. Well do you REALLY want them handling your FOOD? Here is a suggestion, either look for a place that wears gloves or you can request that the person handling your food wears glove, just be careful not to tick off the person serving you.